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About Child Therapy Services

I provide a range of teenage and child counselling services to support you and your child in the most effective way for positive change.
Child Therapy with Emily Burns Child Therapist

Child Therapy

Creative Therapy using play and the arts to help children of all ages with difficult feelings.

Life events, societal pressures and general stress can create challenges that make it difficult for children to cope. They may withdraw or be feeling very angry, they may be anxious or start hurting themselves, stop achieving their potential or have difficulties at school, sometimes there are difficulties in their relationships with parents.

Whatever the challenges, a child focused therapeutic approach using play, art and dialogue can help your child make sense of their feelings, find ways to express themselves and make positive changes.

Adolescent therapy/Counselling with Emily Burns Child Therapy

Adolescent Therapy/Counselling

Supporting young people to explore identity and life’s challenges to achieve their potential.

I work with teenagers to provide a space to explore challenging feelings and possibilities for change: enabling greater self awareness and resilience.

I provide psycho-education about how the brain processes emotion, particularly during adolescence, empowering young people with this knowledge. This enables more reflective capacity to make feelings and situations feel more manageable.

Parent Consultations with Emily Burns Child Therapy

Parent Consultations

Helping you understand your child’s behaviour and how to meet their emotional needs. Sometimes children behave in ways that are difficult to understand or to know how to respond.

Children frequently express their emotions through their behaviour but without expert help it can be difficult to understand what they need. A consultation session takes a look at your child’s history and present difficulties providing insight, suggestions and recommendations for how to move forward.

Child Parent Therapy with Emily Burns Child Therapist

Child-Parent Therapy

Putting your relationship with your child first to improve communication and enjoyment.

A child’s brain grows to be resilient and caring, feel safe, have positive relationships and cope with feelings through their relationships with their main carers.

Sometimes this relationship needs some extra attention to help the child feel understood and more secure and to increase ways of playing and interacting that strengthen the existing bond.

Parent Support with Emily Burns Child Therapist

Parent Support

Sessions to guide you through challenging times so you have the resources to parent your children as best you can.

Parent support may be provided on it’s own or alongside sessions for your child so the positive impact of the work continues in the home.

Learning about the neuroscience of child development and how to respond to your child so their growing brain can navigate the complexities of school life, emotions, friendships, home life and the increasing societal pressures not only helps your relationship with your child but supports them to gain confidence and resilience.

Reports & Letters for schools & agencies - Emily Burns Child Therapist

Reports & Letters for schools & other agencies

Sharing expert understanding of your child with other professionals. Many children need all the adults working with them to understand them better and work together to meet their needs.

Once I know your child and with your permission, I can share insightful information with other professionals about your child’s emotional and behavioural difficulties and provide advice, information and resources.

What can you expect to pay

My Prices

Initial assessment is £65 for seventy five minutes, thereafter sessions are £60 for fifty minutes.
The Results

How therapy and counselling can help your child

  • Experiencing calmer states of mind
  • Gaining helpful strategies to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Greater happiness
  • Greater tolerance for uncomfortable emotions
  • Higher self esteem
  • Improved relationships
  • Increase in concentration
  • More able to make positive choices
  • More confidence
  • More language for feelings
  • More resilience
  • Reduction in anxiety
  • Reduction in self harming behaviours
  • Self acceptance
  • Self awareness
  • Self belief

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